Our Parish

Maidstone is the County town of Kent and has a population of over 150,000 people. Our parish, part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Southwark, is not a collection of buildings - it's a collection, an assembly of people who are part of the world-wide communion of the Catholic Church. In this assembly there are no divisions because of race or colour - we are all God's children and this finds its expression especially in the celebration of the Eucharist on Sunday, the Lord's Day. We do recognise the need to make provision for people from other countries who have come to live here in Maidstone and there are special celebrations of the Eucharist for people from India, Poland and the Philippines.

Our parish covers a very wide area. We border on West Malling, Medway, Tonbridge, Bearsted and Parkwood. The principal church is, of course, the church of Saint Francis in Week Street. The Eucharist is celebrated also at St Luke's Chapel which is part of the Heart of Kent Hospice at Preston Hall and at the Ordinariate Chapel of Our Lady, Wateringbury.

There are two schools within the parish - St Francis' Primary School in Queen's Road and St Simon Stock Secondary School on the Oakwood Park campus.

You Are Welcome!

Sometimes if you are new to a parish or even if you have been in the parish a long time, you may feel that there isn't a place for you - that we have plenty of readers or musicians or catechists. Please don't feel that! There is a place for you and one of the nicest things about being in St Francis' parish is that many people work together - in the parish office, on committees or in the celebration of the liturgy to make it what it is - a lively and loving community.

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