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But not in St. Francis Church. If things look a little darker than usual in our church, we regret it is because a circuit that operates many of the lights has blown and will take some time and cost to replace.


feed the hungryAny of our children, youngsters and parents feeling fit and strong?  Want some exercise while helping the community? . We would like you to walk one mile each (about 2000 steps or 20 minutes walking on the spot).

To hit your mile, you can hike around your home or your garden, but please be safe. We’ll turn your miles into food by donating a can of food to our food bank for every mile to try and hit 5,000. Please take a screenshot or a picture of your miles on a smartphone or other, or just tell us the total if this is not possible, and email us on: with your name, number of miles (all family can take part) and your email address.

We will publish the running total on the website and our donors will give us the tins. Any questions may be directed to the email address stated. Thanks and good luck!


This week's update (26th June) - Many thanks to those who have submitted their miles this week, which totalled 798. This gives a running total of 3,898 miles towards our target of 5,000 miles. The latest pictures show the next 1,000 cans/items taken to the food bank last week and the other donations which were distributed to the needy of our parish. Please keep walking/running, safely, and send in your miles to enable us to take another 1,000 cans next week!! Every little helps! Many thanks.

Donations at the day centre
donates donations


The grounds of The Friars will be open daily from 4th July from 10.30am to 5.30pm.  The Relic Chapel will be open for private prayer on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.  On the days that the Relic Chapel is closed the Main Shrine, Rosary Way and the Peace Garden will be open for prayer and reflection. The Tearooms will be open once they have completed the risk assessment.



We are very grateful for the people who organise our Parish Lottery and have kept it operating during the past three months.  We are at the stage now of asking people to pay for their new six-month subscription which many of you already do through Standing Orders.  For anybody who pays be cash, if you are able to, please an you place it in an envelope with full written details - stating Parish Lottery, your name and Lottery number (if you know what it is). If you do not know your number then please give your address as it makes researching it easier on our records.  There is not hurry or stress about this so if you are not sure about leaving your homes yet, please DO NOT WORRY.  When somebody has not been able to pay their cash subscription but win a lottery prize, the subscription would be deducted from the prize money.
Thank you always for your support. It is a great financial help to our parish and helps boosts the spirits at this time.



Many people are asking about giving an offering to the Church now that getting out has been made easier. If you come to the Church during the week please can we ask that if you wish to give an offering to the Church that you place it in an envelope and put it through the letterbox of the presbytery.  Please do not give anything directly to the priest or anybody else. We always appreciate your support and generosity.

If you would like to continue to donate an amount to the church every week it can be done by making an arrangement of a Standing Order from your bank to be paid directly into the Parish Account.  If this is something you would like to do then please contact the Parish Office via the Parish email address and the information that you need shall be given to you.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to make a commitment of a standing order then hold on to your offering and Gift Aid envelopes and then give them to the Church when the restrictions have been relaxed.  We very much appreciate people supporting the parish as best they can financially. Thank you.



At the beginning of our lockdown we gave people the opportunity to make Mass Intentions without giving an offering yet.  We did not feel that a trip to the priest house would be deemed as essential travel, so bookings were made with the promise to pay at a later stage.  As lockdown has eased and mobility easier, we would gladly welcome anybody to give their donations for the Mass intentions they requested but have not been able to do it yet. There is no fuss, hurry or deadline but just a reminder that we are able to carry this out now.  We have kept a record of everybody who had requested an intention, so if you cannot remember the details then please contact us and we will gladly remind you.  If you could post an envelope through the letterbox of the priest house with details of your name, intention and date the Mass was/will be celebrated we would be most grateful. We stress again, there is no hurry and if you are not leaving your homes yet, DO NOT WORRY.



Until we receive further instructions, we shall not be hearing Confessions by arrangements or request.  If anybody really feels that they need to come to Confession but are not able to get to a priest, especially before participating in our live stream Mass on Sunday and want to make an Act of Spiritual Communion, then we call to mind that the great mercy of God has no limits. In such circumstances where a truly penitent person cannot get to Confession through no fault of their own we can follow the Catechism of the Catholic Church which talks about what a sincere penitential heart can do, 'When it arises from a love by which God is loved above all else, contrition is called perfect. Such sins remits all venial sins; it also obtains forgiveness of mortal sin if it includes the firm resolution to have recourse to sacramental confession as soon as possible.'  (CCC 1452). Therefore, in the circumstances that are currently in, this is a valid calling for God's forgiveness of our sins - but it does not replace the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  The penitent must attend confession as soon as they possibly can after this.  Absolution for our sins cannot be given over the phone or skype.



We are always touched by the generosity that is shown by so many people in food donations which we continue to ask for (see below).  In future, please can we ask that when you donate a bag of groceries, please ring the doorbell and then leave it on the doorstep.  Do not wait for an answer at the door.  Somebody will come and collect the food.



ringsIts always exciting news that a couple have announced their engagement and wish to be married in the Catholic Church.  Please remember that we need at least six months notice before the wedding date to give enough time for all the preparation that needs to take place.


PRESBYTERY (Priest's House)

Following the pastoral guidance that has been issued to us regarding social distancing and unessential gatherings, the priest house is now for the priests only, so all groups, meetings, classes and counting have been suspended until further notice.   

As access to the presbytery is restricted to essential persons only, parishioners are asked to limit communications to e-mail (preferably) or phone where possible.




spiritual direction

Spiritual Direction or Spiritual Accompaniment provides a one to one setting for people seeking a deeper awareness of the presence of God in their lives, and discernment within life choices.

The Aylesford training programme is Ecumenical and teaches both the theory and practice of spiritual direction. It aims to deepen understanding of the process of spiritual growth and the insights of different spiritual traditions. The course offers a supportive environment where you will learn to give and receive accompaniment.



Mass Intentions and General Data Protection Regulation

On Friday 25th May the legislation of GDPR was enforced.  This means we need to uphold the right of privacy for everyone and cannot publicise any information about any individual.  This affects Mass Intentions – so if you have requested a Mass Intention for another individual, whether it is for health, wellbeing, thanksgiving etc. we cannot display the individual’s name. If it is for the repose of the soul of somebody then we can include their name.  We understand that many of you have already put forward a Mass Intention mentioning people’s names long before the issue with GDPR arose with best intentions but we apologise that we cannot publicise their names anymore.  When you put the request forward you would have been informed of the date and time of Mass and the Mass intention will be the same; however on our newsletter and announcement at Mass we can only say ‘Private Intention’.  A lot of changes have had to take place to be consistent with the new GDPR law and we are working hard to carry out appropriate measures. We thank you for your understanding in this matter. 


RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adultsrcia

If you, or anyone you know, would like to learn more about the Catholic Church, please come along. For further information, contact the Parish office.

Safeguarding Issues

Parents and guardians please do not allow your children to light votive candles unsupervised.

Children should not be allowed to go unaccompanied to the porch, toilets or the Children’s Chapel. Many thanks.



This is the monthly Diocesan newspaper, which is available to download here.


The Catenians - Strengthening family life through friendship and Faith

The Catenian Association

The Catenian Association is a brotherhood of over 10,000 practising Catholic men. The Catholic faith and the family are bedrocks of the Association which gives an opportunity to:

Meet Catholic men with similar values.
Become part of a community offering lifelong support and friendship.
Be part of a group that helps each other and their families in all aspects of life.
Provide families with opportunities for friendship and social activity.

A core aim is to advance the interests of young Catholics and assist them in their choice or pursuit of their career.

The Catenian Bursary Fund helps young Catholics between 16 and 25 to take part in a community-based project at home or abroad, which has a clear benefit for others as well as widening the life experience of the participant.

Click here to see more details about the Catenian Association in Maidstone

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