clrgy support fund


coat of armsIn 2014 Archbishop Peter Smith identified the need to continue to support sick and retired priests as a major priority for our Diocese. A priest will normally retire from full time parish ministry when he reaches 75 years of age but many will continue to work in some form of part-time ministry.

When priests resign from their parish ministry or a full time ecclesiastical appointment the Diocesan Finance Office establishes their likely income and needs on an individual basis and ensures they have sufficient resources to afford the necessities of life, live in properly heated and adequately maintained accommodation and can pay for some recreation and travel.

The number of retired priests is expected to rise to about 93 by 2018.  The costs of supporting them are currently met by the Diocese, partly through an annual contribution from each parish, but the increase in numbers will create more pressure on these costs.  The estimated cumulative shortfall is in the region of £4.5 million by 2018.

UPDATE! May 2017

We have recently heard from the Diocesan Finance Office regarding the donations from St. Francis Parish for the Clergy Support Fund Campaign. To date the amount raised by us is:

One off donations - £10,496.25

Pledges (Covenants) - £39,052.00

These amounts will not, at this point, include all the Gift Aid which still could be collected.

Thanks to everybody who helped out last Autumn, in many different ways, to make this a very successful Campaign in our Parish.


You can find further information on the Campaign website:  The site includes a section on frequently asked questions which you may find helpful.